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  • scones
  • 3-berry scones

    3-berry scones

Bavarian pretzels

  • or 2 for $5.00
  • Bavarian pretzels

We offer European style breads and baked goods baked by Jerry Da Baker, a local artisan baker, who had been a bakery vendor at the Media Farmers Market.

The bakery features sourdough based breads, flatbreads such as focaccia, Bavarian pretzels and Irish scones. The breads offered include a PA sourdough, a raisin walnut bread, a sour cherry buckwheat bread, a whole spelt bread, a multigrain bread, a NY rye and a ciabatta loaf and sandwich roll. Media Bean Company has a daily breakfast and lunch menu and several of the mentioned breads are available for the breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

We take great care in making our baked goods.  All breads are fermented with sourdough starter and all breads and baked goods feature whole grains that are grown by small PA farmers Рmostly within 100 miles of here Рand stone milled by Castle Valley Mills, Doylestown, PA, an historic grain mill that features restored antique stone mills and processing equipment. The original mill was founded in 1730 along the Neshaminy Creek in Bucks County. The base white flour used is King Arthur unbleached non-bromated bread flour and all purpose flour.

We use as much local ingredients we can in our baking. We use locally grown fruits and vegetables. This is why some of our baked goods are only available at certain times of the year.